Totally random ... but this morning, I started thinking about my veil. When I was trying on wedding dresses, of course I had to try on veils with them! And yes ... I will be wearing a veil. I love the overall look of it with my wedding dress. Makes it look really romantic in my opinion.

What my dilemma right now is whether I should have the veil over my face or not?

The last three weddings I've been to, none of the brides have worn their veils over their faces. Most if not all of them had them just behind their head. One didn't even wear a veil at all.

I remember that the reason one of my friends who got married three years ago didn't want to wear a veil was because wearing a veil reminded her fiancé of the scary movie, "The Others". Ha ha ha!!

"Are you mad? I am your daughter!"
Looking into a little bit more into the significance of the wedding veil, there's a lot of different explanations for why a bride wears a wedding veil. I think, this explanation is the best one:

"This may come as a disappointment but it doesn't take much thought or research to conclude that there is no definitive reason or meaning of the wedding veil, and there is no authority to impose such. The reason for wearing a wedding veil and any meaning attached is purely personal choice - as it is for wedding rings and other trimmings in the wedding ceremony." -

Length of veil
There are actually a bunch of different types and styles of veils available. In fact, choosing the right one is quite important. 

Here's a great article that I found that will come very handy when I am selecting my veil. 

"Selecting a Wedding Veil"

Since my wedding will be a very formal and traditional occasion, I know that I will be wearing one. It's just a matter of whether I will have it over my face or not.

Here are the pros and cons of my two options:

  • It's tradition
  • Romantic "look", mystery and suspense
  • The only time I will ever be able to wear a veil over my face
  • Mark hates anything on my face (always brushes my hair back anytime it's on my face)
  • I will most likely be very emotional that day, therefore, I don't want to look even worse while crying under the veil
  • Photographers may not be able to capture my expressions as clearly?

Hmmm ... it's kind of a toss-up between the two. What do you think?

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  1. Anne-Marie Penaflor-Tumbagahan says:

    My personal opinion when I got married was that I didn't want to cover my face. I don't like when something is in front of my face and it'll tickle it as I am walking down the aisle. I also didn't want to not be able to see my guests as I was walking down.
    I had a cathedral length veil, it was absolutely beautiful (as I got a caption walking down the aisle from above and it looks gorgeous) but after the ceremony when everyone is walking out, guests or the bridal party may not realize that they have to keep a distance between you and Mark as you are walking out of the church and step and possibly rip the veil. It's so delicate and with the commotion of the ceremony being over, you may not wish to damage your veil. Whichever you may choose, I'm sure you're going to look absolutely beautiful--so it doesn't really matter--it's all about personal preference. :)

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