The Journey: 7 months to go!

Sometimes I hate the fact that we're getting married. *gasp* I know! Crazy huh? Not for the reason you are thinking. I only hate it because of the money it involves.

People dream of their wedding day their whole life and the little details they want to incorporate in it. Then the day actually comes and you realize that there's more to having the "perfect" wedding. One's perception of "perfect" I guess can change.

This is what I keep realizing. As cheesy as it may be, but I've come to realize that perfect isn't about all the little details, it's about the reason for the occasion. Our day is already perfect because we have been blessed to be given a love that comes only once in a lifetime. The forever kind of love. =)

The wedding is just another financial milestone we need to overcome. There will always be more milestones to come. Now it's the wedding. Later on it will be something else. What matters is that we have each other. What matters is the journey, not the destination.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” 
- Greg Anderson



More details coming together ...

Flowers Galore! We met with our florist last Friday and everything turned out great! We worked with her to finalize everything. Who would have thought that there are tons of different kinds of one flower! Ha! Ha! I can't wait to see how they are all going to turn out! Soo excited!!

Choir of Angels 
Mark and I asked some very important people to be a part of our special day. I have already mentioned before how I am a part of a youth group called the Youth Inspired! Both Mark and I have been friends with these young men and women for a very long time, so we thought that who would be better equipped to provide amazing music for our wedding other than them! Not only are these young men and women very talented, but it's also an honour to have our friends take part in our special day. Thank you guys for saying yes!

Comfort & Style
Ahhhh!! I am so excited that I have finally found my shoes!! Most of you who know me knows that I am not a big fan of wearing high heels. Not because I don't like them, but because my feet have a tendency of cramping up when I wear them. For some time now, I have been looking around for shoes that has both comfort and style. Interestingly enough, it's a really hard combination to find! I would often find gorgeous shoes, but they would definitely kill my feet within an hour! Or shoes that are so comfy, but not very suited for the occasion. 

It's funny because I actually found these shoes when I wasn't looking for them. I just happened to be at the mall killing some time, and my sister and I decided to check out a few stores. Right when I saw it, I knew they were the ones for me! =) After I tried them on and walked around the store a bit, I was convinced! Ahhhh!! I was ecstatic!! Finding nice comfortable shoes was something I have been dreading for a while. I knew I wanted some height, but I just couldn't find any that had the height and comfort - now I did! Whoo hoo!!! God always leads you to where you need to be in His time. 

The search continues ...
One thing that we are still working on is finding a park to take pictures at. We checked out a park last Friday and were convinced that it's the perfect place for us to take pictures. However, it just wasn't meant to be. When we called to book the park, we were told that it's only available for photography sessions on the weekends. =( Yes, we were pretty disappointed. But we are truly blessed to have some amazing friends who are helping us find other interesting places to take pictures at. I'll keep you posted once we have decided on one! 




After a long conversation with Mark last night, it looks like we have finally come to a decision about where we will be living in the future. He is planning on getting a job around where he currently lives now. Which makes sense because larger cities means greater population, which equals to more crimes. He will have a lot more opportunities there as he pursues a career in law enforcement.

However, our ultimate goal is to hopefully live just outside of the city in a suburban area. There we will have the best of both worlds. A home close enough to his job and possibly my job, but small and quiet enough to raise a family.

Lene and the City ...
It's funny because I was actually born in a big city. I lived in a big city until I was about 8 years old. I didn't mind the city life too much. I think it was because I was too young to really understand how big the city was. I was happy enough playing around the small neighborhood where I grew up. Then, as we migrated here to Canada, my family decided to start our new life in a much smaller town. Mind you I don't think they have much choice since my dad's job was here. But as I look back, I am so happy that God brought my parents to live here. I feel really fortunate to have been given a chance to experience a life outside of the city.

But it looks like the city will always be a part of me. I hate to admit this, but I actually have a love/hate relationship with the city. Okay, I'll start with why I hate it first, because I hate leaving a sentence on a negative note. =) I hate living in the city because of the congestion, the traffic, the noise and basically just because there's just too many people. Now, why do I love the city? The opportunities. The places to see, restaurants/grocery stores to get food from and basically just being able to have the varieties or options available in everything. See, I see the good side of being in the city too. =)

Change can be good ... right?
So why am I babbling about all this? Because it just hit me this morning that this is it ... My life is about to change! "Duh!" I know is what you are thinking. But I guess for the longest time, I was clinging to a hope that maybe I'll be able to convince Mark to move to a small town. Not just in the suburbs, but a good a hour away from the city. But realistically, he was right. That one hour commute is not easy at all. Especially when you are commuting with a few hundreds, maybe thousands of people everyday.

I guess I'm just having mixed feelings right now. Half of me is ecstatic to finally be with Mark forever. I can't wait to start our lives together. The other half of me is petrified! Nervous of everything else that comes with that change. I'm nervous about living in a city again (temporarily) until we can afford a house in the suburbs. I'm nervous about driving around all that congestion again. Most of all, I'm going to miss the small town life. I'm going to miss seeing the countryside, seeing and driving around it. I'm going to miss all the simple things a small town has to offer. The peacefulness and quietness of the place. The feeling that not everyone is always in a hurry. I'm going to miss the place I called home for the last twenty years.

But I know that no matter how hard the changes will be for me, it will all be worth it. Why? Because I will be with the love of my life. I can handle it all because we have each other. Maybe God's giving me this opportunity to grow as well. To appreciate what the city has to offer that a small town can't. I just have to keep hanging on to that faith that He knows best. He knows exactly how I feel and He knows what He's doing in my life. =)

So there you have it, my "mini-morning-meltdown". Ha! Ha! Ha! Man, life just never ceases to amaze me. You just never know what it's going to give you next!


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