They're on their way!!!

Our invites have now been mailed! Yaaayyy!! It was such a huge relief to see them go! LOL! It took a lot longer to address the boxes, address the outer envelopes, print the seal correctly, lick the envelopes and add the stamps than I had anticipated. I found myself and my sisters slaving over them in the wee hours of the night. You know when you work on something for so long that you just want it done? Yeah, that's what ended up happening!! He he ... But they were worth it!! We are so excited to give them out. The other half of them we are hand delivering. I can't wait to see our guests' faces when they receive it!

We have also finalized the tuxedos for the guys and purchased half of our gifts for our parents.

Now the waiting game begins. We are really excited to hear back from all of our guests! =)


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