"I know that Friday, October 12, 2012 will be everything we had hoped for and more. It will certainly be the dream wedding I have dreamt of all my life!"

"We're going to find the best DJ there is and have an amazing party!"

"Change Your Words - Change Your World"

Here is something I learned from the LOJC Youth Inspired! this past weekend. You are what you say! If you believe that you are blessed, you will be blessed. Instead of saying "I have so many problems", why not say, "I have so many "projects" or "possibilities". Or, instead of "I am so stressed", why not say, "I have so many opportunities."

Of course words have to be accompanied by actions. Do what you are saying ... make it happen!

Here's a video that was shared with us and I thought was simply beautiful.

"I am going to have an AMAZING Monday today!" =)

Happy Monday!!

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