Today, I finally had the opportunity to go shopping with the girls to try on some bridesmaids dresses. A few months ago, I already went with 3 of them, but this time, we were complete (99% anyways, we were missing one girl).

The day started out great. I was pretty excited because at least most of them will be there. Then we can finally try on the dresses all at once and see how the whole group looks like. Being me, I did a bit of research online already for some of the styles that I thought the girls might like. So I came prepared. =)

When we got there, we were assigned a consultant to help us out. I told her that I already checked out the dresses online and have a list of the ones that we were interested in trying out. The main goal for this visit was really to just try on the dresses and see what works best for everyone. I didn't plan on purchasing anything yet, unless of course the girls were sure that it's what they really want. The wedding after all isn't for another 11 months.

Initially, our consultant was very helpful. She found all the dresses that we were wanting to try on and gave us a lot of suggestions. Near the end though, everything just went downhill.

My 1st Bridezilla Moment 

After we have settled on a style that we liked, I spoke to the girls about what they want to do. The Maids of Honour were happy with their dresses, so they were alright buying it already. But the rest of the girls were still wanting to loose weight and wanted to place the order next year instead when it's a little closer to the wedding. To me, this made sense. It doesn't make sense to buy a huge dress now only to have them altered later on. Then more money is wasted.

So I explained to our consultant that we may not be placing the order yet because some of the girls are still wanting to loose weight, etc. I explained to her my reasoning above about trying to save on the alterations. But then she kept on insisting to buy it now and just to get a bigger size. She's like, "You can always have it taken in." Obviously she didn't understand anything I explained to her. So I had to repeat it a few times. When I thought she finally understood me, she surprises me with this comment, "Well, if that's the case, then what's the point of coming in and trying them on?" (or something along those lines, I couldn't think straight after she said it). She pretty much told me that we wasted her time.

Alright, you guessed it! I blew up! In my mind, I was like, "WTF?" My mouth literally had verbal diarrhea. I exclaimed to her that the reason we came in was so that we can try on the dresses and see if it looks good or not. My wedding after all isn't until next October, so we do have some time. I re-explained to her the reason again why some of the girls didn't want to get it yet and how it really makes more sense that way. I asked her, "Isn't that right?" She then replies to me with, "Well, you're the customer..." OMG!! In my head I was like, "EXACTLY!! That's my point!! So what the heck!"

By this point, I didn't realize that I was fuming (all red and everything) and was screaming at her. My sister tells me to calm down. I didn't realize that some of the people were starting to look at us.

My two Maids of Honour were alright buying their dresses already, so the consultant went ahead and started getting their measurement. I was still fuming with anger! How dare she?! It's her freakin' job to help the customer. When we do place the orders for the other dresses, I was going to let them know that it was her who helped us so that she gets the commission. It just wasn't right for her to pretty much tell you in your face that we wasted her time. Which we didn't because we did find the dresses that we liked. But to say those things to get the customer to buy right then there was not right.

I work in retail and I know how customer service should be! In the end, my two MsoH ended up buying their dresses (I really didn't want them to yet because I was so mad), but they were really happy with the dress and did want to buy it already.

I just couldn't believe it! Arrggghh!!! I'm still fuming with anger as I sit her typing about it. Arrgghhh!! *deep breath* Let's just say that there's no way I will allow for us to have her as a consultant again. She just lost a pretty good commision!

*sigh* So yeah. It was fun, until that incident ruined it for me. I probably shouldn't have screamed at her, but I didn't realized I was doing it until it was happening. I just couldn't believe it. To tell a customer that?!

There is one positive outcome from all of it, the MsoH have their dresses already. =)


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  1. Not to further agitate you, but the consultant's attitude is a "no" "no" in customer service. That girl needs a lot of seminars and lectures about Customer Service. Anyway, charge this on the experience. :)

  2. Lene says:

    Oh man, you said it Diane! I was literally flabbergasted! I know when you're annoyed at a customer, you may think that, but you don't tell that to them in their face! The nerve! Anyways, I did call her manager and filed a complaint about her. I didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but she needs MAJOR improvements in her customer service skills.

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