Second DJ meeting - done!

It didn't start out as smoothly as I would have liked it to, but in the end it turned out great.

We were supposed to meet our contact at a Tim Horton's in Mississauga. The DJ company's office is in Toronto, but our contact was kind enough to meet us in Mississauga. First good sign!

When we got to Timmies, we didn't see our contact - bad sign. So Mark and I got our drinks and sat down to wait. We knew that he was coming from Toronto, so we decided to wait for a bit. After almost about half an hour, he was still a "no show". By this point, I was starting to panic and thought to myself, "Why does this always happen to us?"

I then decided to call our contact. He answers on the first ring, "Arlene?!". I told him that I just wanted to let him know that we have arrived in case he was running late. His response surprised me, "Oh you're here? So am I!" With that, I looked around the whole store puzzled. Aside from the two girls at the other side of the restaurant and us, the place was empty.

I replied with, "Really? Because we're here too and we don't see you." He then replies with, "You're at the Tim Horton/Wendy's location right?" "Uh oh ..." I thought to myself. I replied with, "No ... it's only a Tim Horton's". >_<

Then it hit me! Did we go to the wrong one AGAIN?!?! I gave the phone to Mark so that he can talk to him and find out where he is. It turned out he was at another Tim Horton's about 5 minutes away. We miscommunicated which Tim Horton's we were meeting at.

First thing that Mark said to me after he got off the phone, "Love, relax, it's OK." Ha! Ha! I can always count on him to know when my blood is starting to boil. He then adds that, "It's OK, it was an honest mistake."

We then headed over to the Tim Horton's where he's at. It turned out that he had been waiting for us for almost an hour already! I felt really bad.

Overall, our initial impression of him was great! He was very easy to talk to. Very outgoing, funny and he really listened to what we wanted to happen during our reception. He was never pushy and only suggested things that he thought might enhance our reception. After about 2 hours of talking - yes, he was that great to talk with, we left with big smiles on our faces.

... "That turned out great!" I said to Mark. We have just one more DJ to interview (the in-house DJ of our hall), then we can make our decision. So far, we are really happy with our second option. =)

I'll keep you posted as to how our next meeting go ... I feel a lot better though. At least now, we have one that's very promising. Yay!!


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