Mark and I are finally going to check out some churches this weekend. It actually seems like we're working backwards because choosing a church should have been the first thing we should have done. With that said, we're hoping and praying that our date does not change, but if it does, it's God's will. =)

Who would have thought?
If any of you thought that choosing a church is as easy as "1-2-3 and voila!", well, you're in for a big surprise. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. For example, the requirements:

  • You have to register to be a parishioner at that church at least 1 year in advance and attend masses there.
  • You need to attend a marriage preparation course.
  • Some churches sometimes also has a boundary line, so you would have to speak to the priest if they will let you get married at that church.
On top of that, some things to also consider are:
  • How is the priest? Is he personable, audible and will he be open to performing our Filipino wedding traditions? How are his sermons, would you enjoy going to this church after you are married?
  • Where is the church located? Is it accessible to all your guest?
  • This one may be a bit shallow, but what is the church ambiance/architecture? Remember, pretty churches looks pretty in wedding pictures! Ha ha!

Narrowing it down ...
Phew! This is a lot to think about! Well, Mark and I have finally narrowed it down to 4 possible churches. All of these churches are located in Mississauga.

Christ The King-Roman Catholic Cristo Rei

 Christ the King was the first church that I have ever attended in Mississauga when I first started attending the Light of Jesus Community (LOJC) when I was 15 years old. We use to host our Youth Prayer Meetings at this place.

Merciful Redeemer Parish

Mark and I attended a wedding here about 2 years ago and the place is beautiful.

St. Francis Xavier

It's funny because you never would have thought that this was a church if it wasn't for the cross on the top. He he ... it looks like a very modern office building from the outside. Apparently, the inside is beautiful and the priests gives really good homilies.

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church

 Mark and his family has been attending St. Patrick's since they came here to Canada. It's a parish that they have grown very fondly of because of the priest. I've also attended a few masses here myself and the priest's homilies are something that you can relate to.

So it looks like we will be attending more than one mass this Sunday! =)

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  1. Chai Bonoan says:

    Those are my favourite churches (if I'm even allowed to have favourites... Hehe)! Awesome options! Good luck! :)

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