Halloween h2O

It was our first Halloween Party as an engaged couple last Saturday at our friend Brenda and Josue's new home. We wanted something simple, easy to do and as cheap as possible for our costume. Ha! Ha! Being me, what did I do? I Goggled "DIY Couples Costume Ideas". Ha! Ha! Sure enough, we got a bunch of ideas.

Here is a list of some of the ones we considered doing:

Peace and Quiet
  • One person dresses like a hippie (jeans, flowered shirt, peace signs, beads, headband, etc.). The other person dresses up like a mime (striped shirt, black pants, suspenders, white face makeup, etc.).  

Hugs and Kisses
  • Use tape or a marker to make an X on one person's chest, and an O on the other.  

Yin and Yang
  • One person wears all white with a black dot on their chest, and the other person wears all black with a white dot.  

Athlete and Coach
  • The athlete can wear any kind of sports uniform. The coach wears a t-shirt, shorts and a whistle around the neck (and yells a lot!).  
Pencil and Eraser
  • Shorter person dresses up in all pink. Use a black marker to copy the logo from an eraser onto your chest. Taller person dresses in yellow with a pink hat. Use a black marker to write "#2" and a pencil logo on your chest.    

and the Winner?!

An Office Affair
  • Both wear normal office attire but with mis-buttoned and wrinkled clothes. His tie should be over his shoulder and he should have lipstick on his collar, neck and face. She can wear one earring and a string of broken pearls and have mussed hair and smeared lipstick. Add a few a few stitches in her skirt so that it appears to have been pulled down in a hurry.

Boss and Secretary
  • He wears a dress shirt and tie with slacks, and has messed-up hair, loosened tie, one side of the shirt untucked, and zipper unzipped. She wears a business skirt, blouse, and hair and clothes messed up like his. She has smeared make-up, and he has lipstick kiss marks on his face and shirt collar.   
Ha! Ha! Check out our costumes below!!

Happy Halloween!!




First thing that I saw this morning when I came out of my house ... frost! I thought it was supposed to be fall?

Crazy, I know! This just means one thing, winter is just around the corner. One of the reasons why I am so happy that we finally had our fall engagement shoot (eSession #2) finished.

We had re-scheduled it for yesterday. However, yesterday morning, it was almost cancelled again. Our photographer Andrew emailed me asking if I wanted to re-schedule it for the Spring next year instead since the weather was so unpredictable. The weather network was calling for a cloudy day yesterday, not the preferred weather, but I thought, I'll take it! I told Andrew that it's OK, we would like to go ahead with it. Good thing we did! By the time we arrived for our shoot, the sun had peaked out from behind the clouds! Yay!! God is truly great!

Reasons why we went ahead with it?

     •  I really wanted a Fall shoot since we are getting married in the Fall next year
     •  Mark's off all week for reading week this week, so it was perfect
     •  I had my nails done TWICE! Ha! Ha! I had to get them in the picture.

So anyways, the shoot turned out GREAT! We are extremely happy with how it went. Even with runny noses and numb fingers afterwards, we're happy we went ahead with it. Also, Andrew was great! He guided us throughout the whole thing, which helped us tremendously. Especially getting comfortable with PDA while someone's taking a picture of you.

My main comment for the night, "I have never kissed Mark this much in one day!" Ha! Ha! Can't wait to share teaser pics from this shoot!

Oh, and our pictures finally came from our Summer shoot! =) 

Happy Friday!



A Sneak Peak!

Alright, I can't help it! I have been dying to share my engagement pictures from our first eSession with people. Ha! Ha!

So far, it's just our family who has seen them. We are planning on using them for the wedding (Website, Save the Dates, etc.), so I can't "reveal" too many of them. Ha! Ha! But it's hard to keep my excitement in! Here's a few of my favourites. =)

Credits: Moussa Faddoul | fotoreflection.com


Appreciating You

I have always been on of those people who always try to look at the brighter side of things. Everyday, I try to remember to give thanks for everything that I have.

One of the things that I haven't really put much thought in lately is how grateful I am to have found Mark. Yes, I know, cliché. I'm sure you're thinking "Of course you are! That's why you're marrying him." Ha! Ha!

But I really do want to emphasize why I am grateful for him.

He never gives up!
To Mark, not being together is not an option. From the very beginning, we both agreed that we don't believe in "cool offs" because that leads to breaking up. Whatever struggles we go through, he's always trying to get us to "be in the same boat".

He respects me
in every way. He loves my individuality and how I stand up for what I believe in.  Even when he doesn't agree with him, he respects my opinions just as I respect his. He respects and admires my "old school" Filipino values and traditions.


eSession #2

OK, here we go! Our second Engagement Photoshoot is tomorrow! Well, it's scheduled for tomorrow, but Mother Nature does not seem to be co-operating! As my future sister in-law Yasmin would say "Caman"!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

destination | Waterloo, ON

We are hoping to capture some of the beautiful fall colours. Hopefully by some miracle, a peak of sunshine would come out. Even if we get a glimpse of the sun for half an hour or so, it will be more than enough.

I am looking at some people's engagement photos in the rain and it's nice too. A little different from the usual. I guess if worse comes to worse, we can make it just as much fun! =) Good thing I bought that new umbrella!

Funny, because the first thing I did this morning was check the weather. I've kind of been obsessing about it since last week. As I was getting ready this morning, something in my room caught my eye.

My little figurine! =) You think Someone's trying to tell me something? He, he ... so I am listening to the message. Our photographers will let us know tomorrow if it's a go or not. Either way, I'm happy with anything. I've done the best that I can in planning, now it's up to Him.

P.S. I even got my nails done! =) Doesn't happen very often, so I took a picture of it. Ha! Ha! It's actually pretty nice to pamper yourself sometimes.



Marriage 101

Phew! We made it though our first Marriage Preparation class!

How was it? FUN! It was actually a lot of fun! Ha! Ha!

The class started at 7:30pm, but Mark and I had an appointment to have our picture taken to be added to the church's Parishioner Directory at 7:06pm. Even with the torrential downpour we had to brave, we made it exactly at 7:06pm.

The photo session was actually pretty funny. At first, we didn't know how we should list our names because we aren't married yet. In the end, we decided to go with our first names and Mark's last name. I'm excited to see my name beside his and his last name. =)

As the photographer was telling us how to pose, where to look, etc. he instructed Mark to "lean in more towards your wife". Ahhhh!!! Can you say butterflies?! Ha! Ha! I couldn't stop grinning!

We were about 5 minutes late for our class because we had to choose which pose we liked the best. We were the second last couple to make it and we ended up having to sit at the very front of the class. Right in front of the "teachers". Ha! Ha! There were about 11 other couples in the class - pretty big class!


The Countdown Begins!

Ahhh!! The countdown officially starts today!! What a memorable day this is for us.

Today we start our Marriage Preparation course. A 2hrs per week for 6 weeks required course for us to be married at a Catholic church.

Feelings? Pretty excited! =) LOL!

Accomplished so far:
  1. Church
  2. Hall/Caterer
  3. Photographer
  4. Videographer
  5. Dress
  6. DJ
I guess we're doing pretty good! =) Next project in the works: Save the Dates and Wedding Website. Eeeee!! So excited! Ha! Ha!



Things I’ve learned about being engaged (313 days in)

  1. 313 Days flew by in a blink of an eye!
  2. The Computer becomes your best friend! Google specifically! If you have a question, Google it! 99% of the time, someone else in the world has asked the same question.
  3. Bridal Shows are fun to go to get free stuff (LOL!), but unless you're willing to fork out a lot of money, you most likely won't find your vendors there. A lot of them are way overpriced! Attend maybe 1 or 2, but other than that, don't waste your money on the entrance fee.
  4. Prioritizing your "To-Do" List is a must! Decide on what you absolutely can't live without and everything else, be open to compromise. It's helps a lot when making decisions to help you stay within your budget.
  5. Patience: you learn exactly what the word means! Oftentimes you'll feel like you just want things to hurry up, but at the same time, you know it can't. It get's frustrating sometimes. If you are working with a strict budget, keep shopping around until you find what you are looking for, trust me, it's out there! 

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