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Tomorrow's the big day!!! I'm finally going to do something that I have always wanted to do, Laser Eye Surgery. 

Currently feeling ...
  • Petrified
  • Nervous
  • Anxious
  • Excited
  • "Hyperventilating"
  • "Freaking Out!!"
As nervous as I am, I am also very excited to see the outcome. From what I have heard from people who's had Lasik done on their eyes, it's apparently a life changing experience!

My one friend tells me, "You'll see the world in a whole new way."

When I first told Mark about wanting to do this, his first comment was, "What if you don't think I'm handsome anymore?" Ha! Ha! He has been very supportive about me going through with this procedure. He said, as long as it makes me happy, then go for it. But he never had any complaint about me wearing glasses.

I've had my glasses since I was in grade 7 and I am pretty much blind without it. So this will surely be something very different for me.

I asked my one friend what was the best thing about getting Lasik. He answers with, "Seeing the alarm clock when you wake up!" LOL!

What made me go ahead with the procedure?
  1. I know that once I'm married and have children, I will never want to spend this much on myself again.
  2. My eye prescription has finally pretty much stabilized.
  3. To be able to see while swimming.
  4. In case I end up crying at my wedding, my eye make-up won't bother my eyes! LOL!
  5. To be free from glasses!!!
So, here I go ... please keep me in your prayers ...




eSession #1

According to this weekly email wedding report I receive, we officially have 1 year, 1 month, 2 weeks and 1 day until our wedding!! Ahhhh!!!

Ha! Ha! I know, it's far, but today I can't help but be really excited, anxious and nervous! Why? Our first Engagement Photo shoot is today!!

destination | Burlington, ON

We wanted a place that offered flexibility for our pictures. We knew that Burlington has both the small town feel and it's right by the waters - perfect combination!

So far, it seems as if Mother Nature is on our side. They are calling for 27°C (feels like 30) this afternoon!

Last week has been insanely busy for me, so I didn't end up looking for something to wear until last night - bad idea. Let's just say I was stressing out just a tad bit. But in the end, I finally found something that would work.

top 3 feelings for today
  • Nervous
  • Anxious
  • Excited
  • Ahhh!!!
Phew! OK, just needed to get that out! =) ...

I hope our pictures turns out good. Now, I just have to prepare my face to smile for 2 hours! Got to stop smiling now! Ha! Ha!



Forever 21

I wish! =) Today has simply been such a blessing in so many ways ...

This year, I wanted more of a "low-key" birthday. My life lately has been all about being on the "GO-GO-GO", that all I wanted to do this year was sleep! Something that I can't seem to get enough of. Ha! Ha!

why 21? 
What's so important about 21? 21 just seems to be my "magic age". Not sure if you have ever felt like you were stuck at a certain age - to me, it's 21! =) Plus, it's my birth date!

Even though I age every year, one of things that I feel really blessed about is the fact that I can still relate to those younger than me no matter how old I get. I know that I owe all of this through my service with the Youth Inspired! of the Light of Jesus Community Canda (LOJC). In fact, I owe a lot of my growth to this Community.

August 21
My birthday celebrations actually started early! =) On Friday evening, I had an amazing birthday celebration with three of my most closest family. My Ate Len (my Caring Group Head & the older sister (Ate) I never had), my beautiful God-daughter Julia (Ate Len's princess) and my soon-to-be sister in-law Jomay!

I haven't seen these ladies in a very long time; this was certainly a long overdue dinner! The night started out great!! We had dinner out on the patio, then continued our "catching up" session until 12am! Yes, we love to talk! Ha! Ha! The night was completed with a very yummy red velvet cupcake-cake that Julia and Ate Len chose for me. Thank you!!!


DJ - option 2

Second DJ meeting - done!

It didn't start out as smoothly as I would have liked it to, but in the end it turned out great.

We were supposed to meet our contact at a Tim Horton's in Mississauga. The DJ company's office is in Toronto, but our contact was kind enough to meet us in Mississauga. First good sign!

When we got to Timmies, we didn't see our contact - bad sign. So Mark and I got our drinks and sat down to wait. We knew that he was coming from Toronto, so we decided to wait for a bit. After almost about half an hour, he was still a "no show". By this point, I was starting to panic and thought to myself, "Why does this always happen to us?"

I then decided to call our contact. He answers on the first ring, "Arlene?!". I told him that I just wanted to let him know that we have arrived in case he was running late. His response surprised me, "Oh you're here? So am I!" With that, I looked around the whole store puzzled. Aside from the two girls at the other side of the restaurant and us, the place was empty.


be #1

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate prioritizing? Arrgghh!!!

Marky and I are meeting up with our second potential DJ tonight. I'm a little frustrated because DJs are so expensive! Don't get me wrong, there are cheaper DJs out there, but at the same time, they may not be as good or as professional.

The DJ we're meeting up tonight has gotten a lot of very positive reviews, so we're hopeful. They are a little more expensive than the other ones we're comparing with, but not by much.

Take this statistic for example,  

"Typically, only 5% of your total budget will be spent on entertainment. However, over twice the number of guests will remember your entertainment choice more than anything else!" 
 — Modern Bride Magazine

I couldn't agree more! That's why I'm so scared about having to make this decision.What if we choose the wrong one; they suck and then whole reception sucks?!?!

The thing is, when I look at everything else on my "To Do" list, they are ALL important!




Totally random ... but this morning, I started thinking about my veil. When I was trying on wedding dresses, of course I had to try on veils with them! And yes ... I will be wearing a veil. I love the overall look of it with my wedding dress. Makes it look really romantic in my opinion.

What my dilemma right now is whether I should have the veil over my face or not?

The last three weddings I've been to, none of the brides have worn their veils over their faces. Most if not all of them had them just behind their head. One didn't even wear a veil at all.

I remember that the reason one of my friends who got married three years ago didn't want to wear a veil was because wearing a veil reminded her fiancé of the scary movie, "The Others". Ha ha ha!!

"Are you mad? I am your daughter!"


Change Your Words - Change Your World

"I know that Friday, October 12, 2012 will be everything we had hoped for and more. It will certainly be the dream wedding I have dreamt of all my life!"

"We're going to find the best DJ there is and have an amazing party!"

"Change Your Words - Change Your World"

Here is something I learned from the LOJC Youth Inspired! this past weekend. You are what you say! If you believe that you are blessed, you will be blessed. Instead of saying "I have so many problems", why not say, "I have so many "projects" or "possibilities". Or, instead of "I am so stressed", why not say, "I have so many opportunities."

Of course words have to be accompanied by actions. Do what you are saying ... make it happen!

Here's a video that was shared with us and I thought was simply beautiful.

"I am going to have an AMAZING Monday today!" =)

Happy Monday!!


Planning Tip #1 - Church

So here I am, about 8 months into my wedding planning. I have to say that I have done pretty well so far. Since last Monday I have 1 year, 2 months, 1 week and 6 days to go before my wedding. Ha ha! I know it seems far, but that's what I was thinking 8 months ago, and look - it's here!! >_<

 Here are the items that I've been able to check off my list so far:
  • Church
  • Reception
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Dress
With that said, I thought I would share a few of the tips and resources that I have found useful thus far. I'll start of with the first thing that you should be crossing off your list ...

the Church!
Why is it the first item that needs to be taken cared of? Well, everything will depend on this decision. Your wedding date will determine everything else about your wedding. Therefore, you need to make sure that it's available. If you don't have a specific church that you have your heart set on, make sure to "shop around" and start visiting other churches. Most churches will have specific requirements for you to get married there. For some of the requirements, check out this post: "To the Altar We Go."

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