Mark and I have so many things to be thankful for. One of the things that we have been so blessed with is having a lot of Engagement picture opportunities. In fact we were fortunate enough to win an engagement session from Sarah Goetz Photography! Sarah and I have been friends since I was in grade 4! We also used to live at the same apartment building and were obsessed with Backstreet Boys! Ha ha!! So I knew that this shoot was going to be a lot of fun! =)
We wanted pictures with a lot of snow, but Mother Nature didn't seem to want to cooperate with us. Either way, we still had a lot of fun taking pictures around downtown Guelph! It's funny how you can live at a place for such a long time and never really know what's around you.

Just wanted to give Sarah a BIG THANK YOU for doing this for us and making it a lot of fun! Thanks for being so flexible with all the different locations we wanted pictures with. Thanks for not being afraid to "get down and dirty" to get that perfect shot! He he ... you're awesome! =)

I also wanted to say thanks to my loving fiancé for being such a trooper! Thanks for continuing to smile even though your face was numb! LOL!! I love you!! Just one more ... our wedding day! LOL!

Can't wait to see the pics!!! Eeeeee!!


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  1. Uy love ko din backstreet boys dati ha, hahahahaha good luck and i would love to see the pics too :)

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