It's here! It's finally here!! Now I don't have to keep saying, "Oh, our wedding is next year." Ahhh!!

I can't believe how quickly a year and two months have gone by. This just proves that the next 10 months will be going by in a blur!

Thoughts on that? I'm excited and petrified at the same time! LOL! Excited because the day we have waited for for so long is finally here, but petrified because of all the changes that's to come. Does that makes sense?

I don't work very well with change. I like familiarity, I like knowing what to expect. I guess you can say that I'm not much of risk taker. I guess this is why I plan everything. LOL! Yes, I know you're thinking it, I'm a little bit of a control freak. Ha! Ha!

As for the planning, we are currently trying to finalize our linens and hall decorations. Again, prices never ceases to amaze me. How could something so simple cost so much! Grrrr!!!

New year, new goals, new me! What are some of the things that I want to accomplish this year?

2012 New Year's Goals
  1. Loose weight (I have 6 months to accomplish this! =S) 
  2. Learn to cook
  3. Learn to swim (swimming classes starts this coming Monday! >_<)
  4. Save, Save, Save!
I know it's not much, but they're all a lot of work! Hopefully I can stay disciplined to ensure I make all of this happen. *fingers crossed*

What about you? What are you trying to accomplish this year?


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  1. lose weight? the greatest challenge!!!

  2. Lene says:

    Especially when there's so many yummy food!! Lol!!

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