We were scheduled to meet our very first potential DJ last Saturday. In fact, Mark and I drove all the way to Vaughan to meet him at his office.

Initially, I had told him that we may be a little late because Mark has volunteer work. But it turned out that he was able to skip volunteering that day. We were at his office by 2:45pm. It turned out that he wasn't there. One of his co-workers advised us that he should be coming soon. Thinking that he was expecting us more for 3:30pm, we waited until 3:30pm for him. When he didn't show up, we asked one of his co-workers if he could call him and find out where he's at. It turned out that he was expecting us at another location.

Obviously there was some misunderstanding because he never indicated meeting him anywhere else other than his office. Thinking that he will at least email and apologize for the confusion, I waited until today to see if he would try to contact me. When he didn't, I emailed him expressing my frustrations. He replies back and does apologize, but pretty much states that if we want to go forward with this, he will refer us to one of his co-workers instead. Talk about lack of professionalism. He obviously doesn't want to deal with us anymore! WTF! >_<

Let's just say we didn't end up going with them ... as my co-worker would say, "KMA" (Kiss My A**)!

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