Ok, so the search for all of our wedding vendors has started. Honestly, I have actually been searching for vendors since last year (even before we got engaged)! Ha ha! Well, Mark and I are trying to work with our budget and we know that we really need to LOOK if we want to find what we're looking for at the right price.

1, 2, 3 CLICK!
One of the top things on our list was to find a good photographer. Easy enough right? WRONG! Honestly, I should really just change my job and become a photographer. They make SO much money and they get to do something that they love to do! What a job huh?

After narrowing it down to about 5 photographers, we decided to meet with them. Our number one choice was a photography team that consisted of a husband and wife. What made us really consider them were:
  1. Their photography style
  2. Clarity
  3. The way they capture emotions in pictures
  4. Affordable and a full day coverage
  5. Their philosophy with photography:

"When we were looking for a photographer for our own wedding, we wanted to make simple choices by getting an all-inclusive package.  We wanted our entire day to be documented without feeling restricted by the time or number of images we would receive in the end. 

We wanted our photographer to be personable and also professional.  We didn’t want to feel like we were going to spend an entire day with a stranger following us around.  And since we were paying a professional, it was crucial that our photographer invested in real professional equipment and not the kind of equipment anyone can get at an electronics big box store.

And most importantly, we wanted the freedom to take the edited photos we had paid for and be able to do whatever we wanted with them.  How could someone justify paying more to have our photos printed when we could print them ourselves for much less with equal or greater quality?

We have maintained the same philosophy when providing services by using our own experiences as clients.  Our goal is to provide a fun, relaxed and creative experience to deliver a product that you will cherish. But most importantly, we strive to make the prices fair and affordable."

So Mark and I decided to meet up with them last weekend. =) Long story short, after meeting Ada and Andrew in person, Mark and I felt that we didn't need to meet any of the other photographers on our list. "Let's book 'em!!" Mark says.

Ada and Andrew were very personable, easy to talk to and have a really good grasp of the things that we were looking for in our wedding pictures.

Their pictures stand very much behind their name, "a Million Words Photo Services".

We're ecstatic to have found them and are really looking forward to all the pictures that they will be taking!

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