... yes, please! =)

Sorry to disappoint ... but I'm actually talking about a really cool vendor that we have found!

PIE Videography

behind the name
P.I.E. stands for Produce, Inspire, Educate. I have never really heard of a vendor that has such a really neat philosophy behind their business.

"Pie Videography is passionate about making videos that make a difference.
We're a socially conscious video production company that produces professional videos for people and events, web-based videos for businesses, educational videos for non-profit organizations and more. We are a unique business because with every purchase made, funds are put towards producing those educational videos for non-profit organizations at minimal, or no costs to them. As a result, these organizations are better able to spread their message without the worrisome budget factor. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million - help fund change."

This ultimately was one of our main reasons for going with Sarah and her company. I find that what she's doing is very inspiring. Also, Sarah's passion for what she does really shows in the beautiful videos she produces. =) She's also very easy to talk to and is very accommodating to all of our requests.

We're making a difference while getting exactly what we have been looking for in our wedding video ... what more can we ask for?

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