I couldn't post an update with regards to our church selection because we couldn't finalize our date with the church until yesterday when we had our first meeting with the Father who will be marrying us.

"On Friday October 12, 2012 I will finally walk down 
the aisle to my partner in crime, my food-buddy, 
my best friend, my love, my better half."
(Wow, saying that just gave me chills and makes me want to 
break down in tears...)

Everything is finally coming into place. The church that we have chosen is Merciful Redeemer Roman Catholic Church. Our meeting with the Father has been nothing but positive. He's even willing to incorporate our Filipino wedding traditions to the ceremony. =)
Questions, questions, questions. We were both pretty surprised at all the questions we were asked by the Priest at our meeting yesterday. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty nerve wrecking! LOL! It just reiterates the importance of the sacrament of marriage and how it is a lifelong commitment that cannot be taken lightly.

BIG "sigh*! This is REAL! Oh man! This is REALLY real!! >_<

O2NE (2in1)
Being the multi-tasker that I am, and since I am hardly at Mississauga, we've decided to also book our reception hall. =) 

The celebration will be continued at  
The Mississauga Grand Banquet & Convention Centre.

Reasons why we chose this place? FOOD, FOOD and MORE FOOD! Ha ha!! You all know how much Mark and I absolutely LOVE eating! Well, this place was exactly what we were looking for with regards to the food choices we want, as well as the beauty and elegance for the whole evening.

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  1. Hello!! Ngayon ko lang na-discover yung blog mo. Tamad kasi ako mag click ng links. :) I'm happy for you and I'll be waiting for your series of wedding posts. Enjoy the preps.

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