So last night, I was trying to multi-task (as always). =) I was talking on the phone with Mark and Jomay while trying to email DJs to find out their pricing and compare.

After getting a quote from a DJ in Mississauga, I decided to email the DJ from Kitchener who I have been in contact with. I pasted the quote that the Mississauga DJ gave me in the body of my email to the Kitchener DJ so that I can ask him for pricing for all of the options that the Mississauga DJ gave me.

.... did you guess it?!?! I was so caught up talking to Mark and Jomay that I forgot to delete the Mississauga's DJ quote before I hit send! After I hit send, I realized it, but it was too late!! Yeah, not a good move.

Then I get a reply back from the Kitchener DJ asking me who's quote it was at the bottom of the email. >_< I was thinking of saying that it's a quote that my friend got for her wedding, but at the bottom of the quote, it clearly has a line that states "2011 Bridal Show Discount". Ha ha!! So I just had to tell him the truth.

Oh well, he's got to know that a customer ALWAYS shops around for pricing. If he takes offense to it, well then, there's 1 potential customer down the drain! A customer is ALWAYS right! Usually ... LOL!

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