It was our first Halloween Party as an engaged couple last Saturday at our friend Brenda and Josue's new home. We wanted something simple, easy to do and as cheap as possible for our costume. Ha! Ha! Being me, what did I do? I Goggled "DIY Couples Costume Ideas". Ha! Ha! Sure enough, we got a bunch of ideas.

Here is a list of some of the ones we considered doing:

Peace and Quiet

  • One person dresses like a hippie (jeans, flowered shirt, peace signs, beads, headband, etc.). The other person dresses up like a mime (striped shirt, black pants, suspenders, white face makeup, etc.).  

Hugs and Kisses
  • Use tape or a marker to make an X on one person's chest, and an O on the other.  

Yin and Yang
  • One person wears all white with a black dot on their chest, and the other person wears all black with a white dot.  

Athlete and Coach
  • The athlete can wear any kind of sports uniform. The coach wears a t-shirt, shorts and a whistle around the neck (and yells a lot!).  
Pencil and Eraser
  • Shorter person dresses up in all pink. Use a black marker to copy the logo from an eraser onto your chest. Taller person dresses in yellow with a pink hat. Use a black marker to write "#2" and a pencil logo on your chest.    

and the Winner?!

An Office Affair
  • Both wear normal office attire but with mis-buttoned and wrinkled clothes. His tie should be over his shoulder and he should have lipstick on his collar, neck and face. She can wear one earring and a string of broken pearls and have mussed hair and smeared lipstick. Add a few a few stitches in her skirt so that it appears to have been pulled down in a hurry.

Boss and Secretary
  • He wears a dress shirt and tie with slacks, and has messed-up hair, loosened tie, one side of the shirt untucked, and zipper unzipped. She wears a business skirt, blouse, and hair and clothes messed up like his. She has smeared make-up, and he has lipstick kiss marks on his face and shirt collar.   
Ha! Ha! Check out our costumes below!!

Happy Halloween!!


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