OK, here we go! Our second Engagement Photoshoot is tomorrow! Well, it's scheduled for tomorrow, but Mother Nature does not seem to be co-operating! As my future sister in-law Yasmin would say "Caman"!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

destination | Waterloo, ON

We are hoping to capture some of the beautiful fall colours. Hopefully by some miracle, a peak of sunshine would come out. Even if we get a glimpse of the sun for half an hour or so, it will be more than enough.

I am looking at some people's engagement photos in the rain and it's nice too. A little different from the usual. I guess if worse comes to worse, we can make it just as much fun! =) Good thing I bought that new umbrella!

Funny, because the first thing I did this morning was check the weather. I've kind of been obsessing about it since last week. As I was getting ready this morning, something in my room caught my eye.

My little figurine! =) You think Someone's trying to tell me something? He, he ... so I am listening to the message. Our photographers will let us know tomorrow if it's a go or not. Either way, I'm happy with anything. I've done the best that I can in planning, now it's up to Him.

P.S. I even got my nails done! =) Doesn't happen very often, so I took a picture of it. Ha! Ha! It's actually pretty nice to pamper yourself sometimes.


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  1. apple says:

    It rained on our wedding day--they say its good luck and when we took photos outside, they really turned out very dramatic afterwards.. Since this is your second engagement photos... The other one was on sunny days and this time it may be cloudy--you may like the contrast and dramatic shots!! Good luck, Ill be thinking of you guys!!

  2. I agree! It's good to pamper yourself once in a while.

    I would love to see your pre-nup/engagement photos at shempre the website! Happy Sunday.

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