First thing that I saw this morning when I came out of my house ... frost! I thought it was supposed to be fall?

Crazy, I know! This just means one thing, winter is just around the corner. One of the reasons why I am so happy that we finally had our fall engagement shoot (eSession #2) finished.

We had re-scheduled it for yesterday. However, yesterday morning, it was almost cancelled again. Our photographer Andrew emailed me asking if I wanted to re-schedule it for the Spring next year instead since the weather was so unpredictable. The weather network was calling for a cloudy day yesterday, not the preferred weather, but I thought, I'll take it! I told Andrew that it's OK, we would like to go ahead with it. Good thing we did! By the time we arrived for our shoot, the sun had peaked out from behind the clouds! Yay!! God is truly great!

Reasons why we went ahead with it?

     •  I really wanted a Fall shoot since we are getting married in the Fall next year
     •  Mark's off all week for reading week this week, so it was perfect
     •  I had my nails done TWICE! Ha! Ha! I had to get them in the picture.

So anyways, the shoot turned out GREAT! We are extremely happy with how it went. Even with runny noses and numb fingers afterwards, we're happy we went ahead with it. Also, Andrew was great! He guided us throughout the whole thing, which helped us tremendously. Especially getting comfortable with PDA while someone's taking a picture of you.

My main comment for the night, "I have never kissed Mark this much in one day!" Ha! Ha! Can't wait to share teaser pics from this shoot!

Oh, and our pictures finally came from our Summer shoot! =) 

Happy Friday!


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