It's official!! Our DJ is booked!! =)

We have decided to go with Impact Entertainment. They are the second DJ we interviewed. Remember the DJ we spoke with for 2 hours? Yup, it's them!

We had a meeting with the in-house DJ for our hall about 2 weeks ago, and they seemed really good as well. The only downfall with them like the initial DJ we interviewed is that you don't meet your actual DJ until about a month before your wedding. We weren't a big fan of this idea. I mean, how do you know if you like your DJ or not without meeting them?

I don't know, maybe it's just the "control freak" in me kicking into gear. LOL! Also, one of the reasons we went with them is because of their very high rating. What better way to know what they're like than from another bride right?

Here are some of their reviews:

"Impact Entertainment provided an amazing service as being both our MC and DJ for our wedding. The music selection was fantastic! All our guests and even including the venue employees were very impressed with the professionalism and choice of music and lighting. Impact Entertainment at all times made the process of getting to know what style of music we enjoyed very easy. I highly recommend Impact Entertainment!" - AnnaObi, WeddingWire

"Paul Hutchison, our DJ from Impact Entertainment, was AWESOME. He responded to email in a timely way, he listened to what we wanted and kept the party going all night - literally after he played his last song, people were chanting "one more song, one more song!". He read the crowd well and made we were happy by playing our favourite songs. The website "request list builder" was extremely helpful in planning. I would definitely recommend Paul/Impact." - NattyG, WeddingWire

We have also been lucky enough to actually get Paul! =) So there's one more thing off our list! Hopefully they are as great as they seem. Out of all the meetings we had though, they're the one that we had the best "feeling" of. So we kind of just went with that! Hopefully we aren't wrong! *fingers crossed*

Let's get this party started!!! Whoo hooo!!!


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  1. Apple Tumbagahan says:

    One more thing to cross of your list :) can't wait to see your website once it's "unveiled" ...Be careful with too much computer usage! You don't want to strain your eyes more than you need to :)

  2. Lene says:

    LOL!! I know, it's bad Ate. It's so addicting!! :D Can't wait to share it with yah!! :D

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