Ahhhh!!! 1 year and 1 month!!! I kind of started hyperventilating last night when I was talking to one of my maids of honour (Joy Joy) about the wedding.

Wow, this year has flown by so quickly! It's a "BER"! There is only 101 days until Christmas!! Ahhh!! I honestly feel like summer came and went without me knowing. I know 1 year and 1 month seems really far, but that's what I said to myself November 27 last year when Mark and I got engaged. Here are my exact words, "We have almost two years to wait - that's long!"

Keeping Busy
What have I been busy with lately? Our Wedding Website! =) It's still in it's preliminary stages right now, but it's coming along. We are hoping to "unveil" the website closer to the end of the year when our Save The Dates have been sent out. Eeeeee!!! So excited!! Stay tuned!!! =)

Really all this computer work is very counterproductive for my eye recovery! Ha! Ha! Being the computer geek that I am, once I get started on a project that I'm really into, I just can't stop! It's like I'm hooked! Especially when I can't figure something out, but I know it's possible. Actually, last night I didn't end up going to bed until 2am! Yikes! You probably guessed it, I'm pooped this morning! But like what my co-worker said, "That's your fault!" Ha! Ha! Oh, I love how guys just tells it how it is. 

Update on my eyes
So far so good. The redness on the white part of my left eye is slowly going away. I think my night vision is getting better - it's really hard to tell. My day vision is perfect, it's just my night vision that I'm a little worried about. But I'm told that it's normal. I knew that because I have larger pupil size, this is likely to happen. I can see, but light sources tend to have "halos" around them. It's supposed to get better in about a month. Apparently it takes at least 3 months before your vision is perfect. Mainly because your eyes are physically healing.

Can I feel/tell a lot of difference? In my case, I don't think so. I was so used to wearing glasses that I never really felt like they were there. But it's nice to be able to shower and see which one is the shampoo and which one is the conditioner! Ha! Ha! Also, it's nice not having to be really close to the mirror when putting make-up on. It's nice to be able to wear really fashionable sunglasses instead of my "matrix clip-ons"! Ha! Ha! OK, so I guess I can tell a lot of difference.


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  1. Wow may website! Ang taray lang hahahaha! I'm excited to see it, wala bang sneak preview? ;-)

  2. Lene says:

    LOL!! There's not much yet. Don't worry, I'll let you know for sure pag ready na sya!! :D

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