YAAAAY!!! Ha! Ha! We have completed our Pre-Marriage Preparation Course! =) The last six weeks was fun overall. We learned tons of things that will be very helpful to our relationship now and after we get married.

It was hard at times because the class was in Mississauga (about an hour away from where I live) and four out of the six classes were pouring rain! It was literally like driving into clouds the whole time - zero visibility. That part wasn't fun at all.

The funny thing is, there were actually two dates that this course was available for us to take. One was this Fall and the other was in the Spring of next year. I figured if we attended the Spring course, it will for sure be raining. So we chose the Fall instead. Boy was I wrong! It just proves that you can't always control everything.

So now we can check another thing off our list! =)

With two other couples from the class.


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  1. Yiheeee ;-) congrats!!!!

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