The more and more I am getting into all this planning, I am coming to an unfortunate conclusion ... as much as we would like to think that the wedding is OUR day, it really isn't.

It's more like a huge party that you and your FH are hosting. =(

You really have to compromise or "give-up" a bunch of the things you like in order to keep relationships in good shape.

*sigh* Who would have thought getting married was this complicated?

After talking to some very wise ladies who are going through the same issues as me, this is what I have learned:

"Learn to pick your battles. Don't sweat the small stuff."

(I think I may have said this to myself before? Or someone said this to me before?)

"But it all works out in the end and you will realize the stuff you are stressing about now won't matter to you the day of."

"I think we get so caught up in the "wedding" of it all (think Kim Kardashian) that we forget that it is all about what brought us to this point."

It is our day. I just have to keep my eyes on the goal, to be with each other forever. Here is a great line that I learned as well that could come in handy later on ... "I'll take your suggestions into consideration."



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