If you find someone who makes a point to tell you how much they love you everyday - keep him!

Mark has always been a very thoughtful guy. He always makes sure that he texts me everyday (during the day) just to say "hi", tell me he misses me, that sort of thing. On top of that, we usually talk when I'm on my way home and later on at night before we go to bed. I guess all of these means of communications are what has kept our long distance relationship to last this long. To some it may be too much, but to us, it's what has worked!

His usual daily texts usually arrives by around noon, unless he's busy. Today, he surprised me with an email instead!  

"Hello poop,

Please don't work too hard okay and make sure you stretch. i was in a hurry this morning and i forgot my phone. I love you and i miss you. See you soon and talk to you later.

Love your fiance,"

and with that, he just made my day ...

Don't take anything for granted ...
It's hard because I know I'm really guilty of this. Sometimes when good/happy things happen all the time to you, you fail to appreciate them. They become the "usual" stuff. The worst thing you can do is only learn to appreciate the value of someone or something once it is not there anymore - don't wait for that day!

Be grateful - you are blessed - you are LOVED!

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