I know I've said this before, but I can't believe that we are now in double digits! We have a few more things that we can cross off the list.

Invites - Love! Love! Love them!! They are exactly how we wanted them. We ordered the invites pretty early because we were afraid that they will not be ready in time. However, to our surprise, it took the company 3 business days to have them made and mailed to us! I just couldn't believe it!! Especially because they were handmade and were coming internationally. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. =) We can't wait to give them out!!

Cake Flavour - Mark and I started brainstorming which cake flavours we like best. We were able to narrow it down to two flavours, but then we couldn't decide which flavour we want to cut into at the reception. Why you might ask, mainly because we both wanted our flavours to be cut when we first cut the cake! LOL! So how did we settle it, a good old "rock-paper-scissor"!! Ha! Ha! Then it's fair and square. =) Who won? He did! >_< He he ... you'll just have to wait and see which flavour he chose! We will have our tasting near the end of August.

A few other things that we have accomplished are the flower girl dresses and we have chosen our dances for the First dance, Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son dance.

I also met up with Ate Apple to go over what I have already accomplished. Let's just say that I was nowhere near where I thought I should be. LOL! Time to get crackin'!


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  1. 99 days? Finally you are back to blogging :) Enjoy the rest of the months... being single haha joke lang

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