There you have it, the Christmas holidays have come and gone. Time honestly just keeps on flying!

My Christmas holiday actually started on Friday, December 23rd. What a great way to start the holidays too. Last Friday, we had our food tasting!

What can I say, we were blown away by all the food! LOL! We knew it was going to be a lot of food, but we didn't quite comprehend that a lot, means A LOT! He he ... needless to say, we were stuffed to the max afterwards. =)

So, that started out the weekend of non-stop eating!

It was a very special Christmas for both Mark and I because it was our first Christmas together as an engaged couple. This time last year, my family and I were spending Christmas at the Philippines. By next Christmas, we will be husband and wife! >_<

The day after the food tasting, the family had a very nice Christmas eve dinner, followed by midnight mass afterwards. This was then followed by the traditional gift opening on Christmas morning! Yay! I love Christmas morning! Ha! Ha!

After that, Mark and I attended a Christmas lunch with his family at his house. This was then followed by another Christmas dinner with my family at my uncle's house! It literally was non-stop eating for 3 days straight!

That's why instead of going shopping on Boxing Day, I ended up bumming around at home, watching movies and eating treats all day! LOL! It was a very nice break from the go-go-go schedule of the last 3 days.

Hope you all had a very nice Christmas yourself! Next up, New Years!! Ahhh ... 2012!!


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  1. Merry Christmas! Wishing you both the best for 2012!!!

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