After I attending a bridal show in January, I've been getting random emails about wedding stuff. My email has probably been entered into a database somewhere (not cool ...). But this newsletter email that I received today had a really good message to it. It's from a lady who is a wedding planner and has unfortunately recently separated from her husband after 2 years of marriage.

"...sometimes I find that as women we tend to get caught up in the fantasy that this wedding is the beginning of the “perfect life and happiness” and it very well could be. But I also would like to just leave you with this tip. Make sure that after the wedding you still ensure that you take the time for balance in your lives as individuals. What I mean by that is you need to ensure every aspect of your life is fulfilled. You still need to go after the things you want out of life. And your partner needs to continue to do the same. Life doesn’t have to get stale or comfortable. In fact it can be quite fulfilling and exciting. Challenge one another. Be the other persons cheerleader. Growing together doesn’t mean just getting old it means helping one another with everything you want out of life.  You have to communicate even if it means arguing, but you need to share your feelings and come up with a compromise that both of you are happy with."

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